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"Valle Musico takes me on a cultural, musical journey with their Classical, Latin and Jazz selections, taking me to places of soul stirring melodies and rhythms weaving a magnificent mastery of musicianship with their guitars, bass, percussion." - Lisa Dancing-Light, Singer-Songwriter, Performance Artist, and Host of Carbondale Culture Club

Elegant guitar based music with jazz, classical, latin and "worldfusion" musical elements
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       Jazz Aspen Snowmass’s  June Festival pre-show brings music to the masses-Aspen Daily News

"JAS CEO James Horowitz says recommending one of the many lawn concerts would be like choosing a favorite child, but when he speaks, he clearly has an affinity for the local musicians in Valle Musico Quartet, who produce a sound that he says “is sort of Paul Simon Graceland meets gypsy music with guitar rhythmic world fusion and a high-energy beat.”

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